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Little Prince at the pole

Jasiek Mela was ordinary boy. In 2002 he was 14 years old and had serious accident - he was electrocuted by the 16 kV voltage current. Jasiek lost left shank, and right forearm. I'm not even trying to imagine how hard it was for him. Plans, dreams, whole life turned upside down with no chance to return back.

Altho Jasiek have met some amazing people, they helped him to believe in dreams again. Thanks to them 2 years after the accident Jasiek Mela accompanied by Marek Kamiński reached both poles. As the youngest explorer in history, and the first disabled ever. More about Jasiek's pole expeditions - Marek Kamiński fundation site.

In 2008 Jasiek with the group of other disabled people reached the highest peak of Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro. The expedition was organized by Anna Dymnafundation Against the Odds - details.

All those achievements gave Jasiek one more dream, perhaps the biggest of them all:

I was given a second chance by life. I met many extraordinary people, such as Marek Kamiński or Ania Dymna, who helped me to improve my life, they gave me hope. My dream is to carry on this hope, to give it to those who were not as lucky as I was. I am what I am thanks to other people. Thanks to being surrounded by extraordinary people, I try not to give up and to appreciate life. (the citation comes from the site

December 2008 Jasiek Mela Fundation "Poza Horyzonty" was registered. ("Poza Horyzonty" means "Outside the horizon").

Jasiek's character is example - that there is no impossible things, that who we are at the moment, in no way can limit who we are able to become. And the most important thing - there are people in the world willing to help your dreams to come true. Instead of reading calories tables or viewing models pictures for hundredth time, check out stories of Jasiek's expeditions. I guarantee it's worth it.

Jasiek Mela, Marek Kamiński i Wojtek Ostrowski na biegunie południowym
picture comes from Marek Kamiński Fundation site
Polish version of these note you can find here.
piątek, 20 lutego 2009, anty_pro_ana

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